Derryberry's HVAC Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Derryberry’s Heat & Air located?

We are headquartered in  212 North Water Avenue, Gallatin, Tennessee 37006

What does Derryberry’s Heat & Air do?

Derryberry’s Heat & Air is a full service Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning contractor (HVAC) servicing the Middle Tennessee area

What products do you offer?

Derryberry’s Heat and Air is Trane Comfort Dealer.

What Services does Derryberry’s Offer?

We replace central heat and air conditioning units, provide HVAC service and repair for all major central heat and air conditioning units and offer service maintenance contracts (Derryberry’s will inspect units twice a year and perform limited maintenance on unit to keep unit in good operational condition). We also offer alternative sustainable energy products from Bosch Geo-Thermal.

What is SEER mean?

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and measures the efficiency of your central unit. The rating is regulated by the Department of Energy (DOE) and mandates that no central air conditioner unit currently manufactured can have a SEER rating lower than 13. Most units have a SEER rating between 13 and 20 SEER. What does this mean? To get a better idea of what it means let’s compare it to cars; a small four door sedan will get better gas mileage than a large SUV like a Hummer. The same holds true for a central air conditioning unit; the higher the SEER rating the more efficiency you will get and this, in turn, will save on energy costs.

Why is it important to have your gas unit checked prior to the heating season?

The heat exchanger in your unit could have a hole(s) in it, or maybe a crack. This could possibly cause your unit to emit carbon monoxide. This is a odorless, tasteless, gas that can and will kill you if the levels are too high. We recommend a carbon monoxide detector should be installed in homes with gas heating.

How Do I Decide to Repair or Replace?

A good rule of thumb is to take the repair costs and multiply it by the number of years old your unit is. If your total is $4000.00 or more, then you should replace it. This mainly pertains to major repairs such as compressor or heat exchangers.

How Do I Know if Alternative Energy is Good for Me?

If you do not want to be subject to the constant rising energy costs (fossil fuels) and have a desire to be a good steward of the environment then we recommend that you research alternative energy  sources available today. With manufacturing costs dropping and available tax incentives, alternative energy is both desirable and more affordable than ever. At Derryberry’s, we offer Geothermal energy choices.

How do I know what size unit my house should have?

A good rule of thumb is this. For each 600 square feet of living space = 1 ton. So if you have a 2400 sq ft home, you would most likely need a 4 ton unit. There are other factors involved, such as a house with lots of windows, or high ceilings. We suggest that you have us come out and give an exact evaluation of your home.

What does AFUE mean?

AFUE = Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency- A furnace efficiency in converting gas (natural or L.P.) to energy, the higher the rating the more efficient. With an 80% furnace, 80% of each dollar you spend on gas stays in your home and 20% goes up the flue. EXAMPLE: If you change from a 80% to a 93% you will add 13% more heat to your home, and only 7% is going up the flue.