Our History

Old Texaco Station, North Water Street Gallatin TennesseeSome would say that the formation of Derryberry’s Heat and Air happened by chance.  In the summer of 1985, Jeff Derryberry, owner and founder of Derryberry’s Heat & Air, was working 3rd shift at Avco when in the midst of this particularly sweltering hot summer the family’s window air conditioner unit went out, leaving Jeff and his family smothering in the mid-summer heat.  In order to resolve this dilemma, Jeff decided to have a central heating and air system installed for his family by going through the TVA plan.  Since this was a period of intense heat with daytime temperatures hovering near 100 degrees, Jeff sought out to have a local company come in quickly as possible and install a unit.  Unfortunately, it took the company over a week to show up to begin the installation and then an additional 2 weeks for the unit to be completely installed.  After 3 weeks of sweltering misery, the unit was installed…but the HVAC installers could not hook up the electric, so Jeff decided to wire the unit himself.  After reviewing the poor service that he had received from the local company Jeff thought to himself “if they can do this, so can I…” So from that moment a dream was born, a dream to provide customers with competent quality service in a timely and professional manner.  And in just a few short months after that dream was birthed it became a reality when Avco had a big lay off due to losing the contract of the B-1 Bomber wings.

So in 1986 Derryberry’s Heat and Air was formed with Jeff as the sole employee working out of his Chevrolet Citation servicing the Sumner County, Tennessee area with superior service for homes and businesses in need of heating, air conditioning and service maintenance.  From 1986 to 1988 the company focused on service repair of air condition window units, major brand kitchen appliances as well as small electrical and plumbing repairs.  As Derryberry’s reputation for superior customer service grew, the company started to grow moving from a home-based business to renting office space and hiring employees.  To further expansion in 1989 Jeff brought on a partner, Mr. Ray Corlew, and incorporated the business.  This was a perfect fit, due to Mr. Corlew operating a store-front business, Corlew Appliances and Repairs, and Jeff desiring to move away from fixing appliances and window unit air conditioners.  Jeff believed the future was firmly based in install, service repair, and maintenance of central air and heating units for homes and business.  So in 1990 Jeff bought out Mr. Corlew and began to focus on the central heat and air business.

From 1990 to 1997 business was brisk for Derryberry’s Heat & Air and rapidly growing to almost 10 firm employees operating throughout Sumner County.  To cement his commitment to the Gallatin, Tennessee community Jeff purchased an old Texaco gas station building in historical downtown (corner of North Water Avenue).  Remodeling took about a year and they started operating out of the building in 1998.  Jeff firmly believes that two events are responsible for the company’s success, first the move to Derryberry’s current location in Gallatin, Tennessee and secondly having his wife, Janice, take over operations in 2001.

Today Derryberry’s Heat & Air is one of Middle Tennessee’s premier HVAC contractors having awards in 2005, 2007, and 2009.  Additionally, Derryberry’s has been a certified TVA HVAC contractor for over 10 years and has one of the highest rates of certified NATE technicians in Middle Tennessee.  Since 2008, in a soft economy, Derryberry’s has grown over 104% and has approximately 20 employees.