Who is Toby?

Many people have speculated what kind of dog is Toby. Some say American Boxer while others say he is part Great Dane but what we do know is that Toby is 100% Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is where Jeff and Janice Derryberry adopted Toby in April of 2009. Toby was part of a large family, litter of 12 brother and sisters. Since nobody could exactly pinpoint the date of birth his adoptive parents set March 7, 2009 as Toby’s official date of birth.

Once Toby was able to start walking he wanted to assist his Dad (Jeff) in the family business. Soon after that it was discovered that Toby had a nose for comfort, loving the coolness of a well air conditioned space. Toby is a little heat sensitive so he is not much on outside playing other than chasing the neighborhood squirrels. He also loves kids and enjoys playing fetch with the tennis ball.

Toby reports to work five days a week and goes on sales/service calls with his Dad every day. His favorite food is pizza and Mexican but does not enjoy Chinese food; it upsets his stomach. So if you are in the neighborhood come on by the office and visit with Toby, he would love to see you!