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4 Benefits of Boosting IAQ in Gallatin, TN

March 27, 2023

Air purifiers, clean air filters and opening windows are a few ways you can improve your indoor air quality (IAQ). Improving your IAQ can promote better health and has many benefits. Below are just a few of the many advantages of boosting IAQ in your home.

1. Remove Allergens & Pollutants

Inhalant allergens and pollutants can build up and make a room less livable. Exposure to these factors can cause allergies and respiratory problems. You can help remove these irritants and prevent health problems by boosting IAQ.

2. Eliminate Odors

Stale air can get trapped and cause odors in your home. Other sources, such as pets, smoking, and more, can greatly affect indoor air quality. By seeking the services of a professional HVAC company, indoor air quality can improve greatly.

3. Keep Your Home Cleaner

When your HVAC system works correctly, it can help keep your air cleaner. Most people don’t realize that the air in their HVAC system circulates throughout their house, and it can carry allergens and harmful pollutants, leading to numerous health problems. Creating a better IAQ by doing something as simple as changing your air filter can help to reduce the amount of these pollutants in your home.

4. Maintain Fresh Air

The air in your home circulates throughout your entire house, which keeps you cool during warmer months and vice versa. Without a properly working system that dehumidifies during the summer, excessive moisture can build up, damaging the walls and floors in your home. During spring and fall when temperatures are comfortable outside, opening windows and running fans will assist with keeping the air fresh also.

Keeping indoor air quality a priority can ensure that you and your loved ones are safe from the various pollutants that can cause health issues. Call Derryberry’s Heat & Air, where we offer HVAC repair, installation and maintenance services to keep your home’s interior space at its best in Gallatin, TN.

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