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4 Ways Leaky Ducts Affect Your HVAC System in Goodlettsville, TN

June 21, 2022

Leaky ducts in Goodlettsville, TN might not cause immediate damage to your system but will decrease its efficiency and cost you loads of cash. Read on to understand the negative impacts of leaking ducts.

1. Increased Electric Bills

The most common problem homeowners experience with leaking ducts is high energy consumption. Conditioned air escapes through the leaks into unwanted areas such as the crawl space or attic, and unconditioned air comes in, causing your system to work harder and longer to achieve the desired temperature. Leaky ducts can waste up to 40% of your heating or cooling energy.

2. Increased Repair Costs

With your HVAC working overtime, the process of wear and tear intensifies. That means the system components will wear out faster, resulting in expensive repairs and replacements.

Some of the most affected parts of your system are the blower belt and the internal ball bearings. If they malfunction, and you don’t address the problem fast, you might have to replace them, which can be expensive.

3. Clogged Filters

Leaky ducts allow dust, debris and other pollutants to enter your system. And with all the extra dust getting stuck on the filters, you will need to change them more frequently. If you choose not to, you might end up raising your energy bills and degrading your indoor air quality.

4. Decreased HVAC Lifespan

If the process of wear and tear intensifies, you might have to replace your HVAC system sooner than expected. The best way to stay ahead of the game is through regular maintenance. Remember, even though your system is still cooling and heating your home, there could be HVAC problems you haven’t noticed.

Rest assured that our trained and NATE-certified technicians will give your heating and cooling system the attentiveness and care it deserves. Contact us at Derryberry’s Heat & Air to schedule any HVAC services you may need in Goodlettsville, TN and the surrounding areas.

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