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5 Benefits of Heat Pumps in Gallatin, TN

December 29, 2021

In many climates, heat pumps are a viable option. They operate extremely well in warmer regions like Gallatin, TN. Consider the following five advantages of a heat pump over alternative heating and cooling options.

1. Energy Efficient

In comparison to similar solutions such as gas furnaces, heat pumps are extremely energy efficient. Heat pumps not only operate on electricity, which is cleaner than oil or gas, but they also transport heat very efficiently. As a general rule, heat pumps work best when the temperature differential between the supply and source is minimal.

2. Provide Heating and Cooling

If you’d like to keep your Gallatin, TN house at a consistent temperature, you’ll need to purchase and run two distinct systems; one for heating and one for cooling. Like a combined HVAC unit, a heat pump performs a double purpose by keeping your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

3. Enhance Indoor Air Quality

Heat pumps are designed to move and mix outdoor and indoor air. This process results in better indoor air quality, especially compared to older traditional HVAC systems. With efficient filters and periodic maintenance from our professionals, your heat pump will produce cleaner, better-smelling air for your house.

4. Reduced Carbon Emissions

Heat pumps are famous for being extremely energy efficient. As a result, they help you lessen your carbon impact.

5. They Operate Quietly

When compared to typical HVAC systems, heat pumps are often quieter. The system’s compressor is usually outside, where it makes far less noise.

If you are looking for heat pump installation services or maintenance on your current system, consider Derryberry’s Heat & Air to keep your Gallatin, TN house comfortable this winter. You can rest easy knowing that we’ll discover minor concerns with preventive maintenance before they become major difficulties.

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