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Can I Use My AC More Efficiently in Mount Juliet, TN?

AC system repair and maintenance

Improving the efficiency of your air conditioner will help you save money and make you more comfortable. Because summer is approaching in Mount Juliet, TN, you’ll want to ensure your system runs at peak performance. Here are some ways you might be able to use your AC more efficiently.

Schedule Maintenance

Arguably, this is the most important of all the suggestions we present here. When trained HVAC technicians come to give your AC a tune-up, they’ll fix refrigerant leaks, replace lost refrigerant, tighten bolts, check electrical connections and clean debris from your system’s components. These actions will improve your AC’s performance and help decrease your energy bills.

Additionally, technicians can examine your system and detect latent problems, resolving them before they worsen to unmanageable levels. Regular AC maintenance can extend the lifespan of your system. You’ll want to make sure to schedule AC maintenance at least once a year and ideally twice.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

If you don’t already have a smart thermostat, consider installing one. This device will allow you to program temperatures and times of operation into your AC, allowing your system to use less energy to achieve target temperatures. This can greatly increase your cooling system’s efficiency, and a smart thermostat’s recovery mode feature assists as well by gradually adjusting temperatures.

Check Your Ducts

As dust and debris move through your HVAC ductwork, they may come into contact with the ducts themselves and eventually damage them. This can create holes where air will escape, compromising your AC’s efficiency. To prevent this, we recommend having a technician inspect your ducts, clean them and plug up any leaks they may find.

Fortunately, improving your AC’s efficiency this summer can be fairly easy. To help improve your system’s performance, call Derryberry’s Heat & Air and ask for our AC repair services in Mount Juliet, TN.

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