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Should My Heat Pump Leak Water in Lebanon, TN?

House with air heat pump

A heat pump that’s leaking water is one that’s in trouble. Before a homeowner in Lebanon, TN can take the appropriate steps to solve this problem, they need to know why it’s occurring. Here are some reasons why your heat pump might start leaking water.

Cold or Dirty Evaporator Coils

If ice ever forms on your evaporator coils, your heat pump may react by going into defrost mode and melting the ice, thus causing water to leak.

Various issues may cause ice to form on the coils, one of which is an insufficient quantity of refrigerant. After refrigerant leaks out of your heat pump, the ability of the system to perform heat transfer will diminish. One consequence of this is that the temperature inside the coils will fall, and any condensation there will probably freeze.

Debris on the evaporator coils may cause similar consequences. The buildup of dirt and other particulates will inhibit airflow, which will decrease temperatures and increase the probability that ice will appear. Cleaning evaporator coils and replacing refrigerant are tasks for an HVAC maintenance technician.

Cracked or Clogged Drain Pan

Your heat pump has a drain pan, and its purpose is to gather condensation. Once there, that condensation can flow away through a drain line. If there are cracks in the pan or if debris or biological materials cause obstructions in it, water may either leak through the cracks or overflow the pan.

Obstructed Drain Line

Lastly, there may be issues with the drain line itself. Blockages may also appear in the drain line and prevent water from flowing away. If so, the water may back up and spill over the drain pan, causing water damage.

Whatever the explanation is for your heat pump leaking water, our team of trained technicians has the skills to solve the problem. Call Derryberry’s Heat & Air and schedule the best heating and air conditioning services around Lebanon, TN.

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