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Why Is My AC in Gallatin, TN So Loud?

September 26, 2023

Weird noises coming from your air conditioner in Gallatin, TN indicate an underlying problem that needs an HVAC technician’s attention. Various noises have different meanings. Here are some common AC noises and what they mean.

Banging Sounds

As your air conditioner gets older, some components may become loose and get in the way of rotating parts such as fan blades. You might hear banging sounds as the blades hit the objects in their path. Scheduling regular maintenance allows your technician to spot loose components and fix them to avoid further damage.

Clicking Noises

Typically, your AC clicks when it turns on. The clicking normally goes away when the system swings into action and starts regulating your indoor temperature.

Constant clicking noises are not normal. Some issues that may cause continuous clicking sounds include a malfunctioning thermostat, a loose fan, an obstructed fan or capacitor problems.

Hissing and Gurgling Noises

Your AC relays heat with the help of a special fluid called a refrigerant. The fluid circulates between the indoor and outdoor coils to discard excessive heat. The compressor alters the fluid’s temperature and pressure to enable the fluid to move heat efficiently from the indoor coil to the outdoor coil.

Various factors could encourage corrosion of the lines, including pets relieving themselves on them. Once corroded, refrigerant can escape through the tiny holes in the refrigerant lines.

You will hear hissing sounds as the high-pressure fluid squeezes through the little holes. You may also hear gurgling sounds when air enters the refrigerant lines and mixes with the fluid.

Rattling Sounds

The screws on the outdoor unit’s casing may become loose with time, producing a rattling noise. Twigs and leaves may also enter the outdoor unit and cause a rattling sound.

Call us at Derryberry’s Heat & Air in Gallatin, TN for quality air conditioning services. We can successfully eliminate any issues that interfere with our clients’ comfort.

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